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Here are just a few testimonials Helen has received from her clients:


"This course is the best way to prepare mind, body and soul for the arrival, birth and upbringing of a child. We enjoyed this well planned and executed course; the welcoming, sharing atmosphere facilitated by Helen and the feeling of a safe non-judgemental environment. The knowledge we gained was relevant and applicable, these techniques are useful for life!" ~ Kyra and Ben

"We were most impressed with Helen's dedication and passion for HypnoBirthing – it was very clear to us that this wasn't just a ‘job' and we found that refreshing and encouraging." ~ Kylie and Mat

“Both Chris & I feel so empowered going into this birth, we feel we have found our voice.
I am also so impressed with the relaxation techniques and how helpful they are in helping me sleep. What an amazing experience and tools to have! We found it so much more helpful than antenatal classes.” ~ Sara
“We were impressed with Helen's caring nature and the depth of knowledge she possessed. The fact she is a mother & has experience in both clinical and natural birth helped us relate and understand birthing as first time parents. Helen offered specific assistance when doubts reared their ugly head.
We would recommend Hypnobirthing to anyone planning to have a family.” ~ Lisa and Neil
“Thanks again for the great course, Kyle and I feel like we got so much out of it and are really pleased we did it.  After going to our first ante-natal class last week Kyle said to me that he now realises how much we've got out of HypnoBirthing and how grateful he is that we did it.  He said he wanted to thank you and let you know how awesome he thought the HypnoBirthing classes have been.  He was a bit skeptical at first about HypnoBirthing, but said he'd come along if it's what I wanted to do, and if I thought it was worth while.  To be fair, I wasn't 100% sure about it either, but was convinced enough that I thought it was worth while trying.  Well Kyle is a changed man.  

He spent the rest of the weekend telling anyone who would listen how great HypnoBirthing is and if they ever got pregnant then all they needed to do was to enroll in a class straight away.  He has got a lot out of it for himself, not just for the birth of our baby.  It's really great that HypnoBirthing involves the Dads and makes them such an important part of the whole process.  

I have also got a lot out of it, like a relaxed and positive outlook on my pregnancy and upcoming birth.  I'm now looking forward to the birthing day with excitement and can't wait to use the techniques we've learnt and are busy practicing. " - Natalie and Kyle, first time parents
“I am a scaredy cat but I was not scared giving birth. I hypnotised myself! Curtis was super calm and kind to me through the labour and our team work was excellent. We could do it so easily without tension or fear, so you can do it!” ~ Rico, mum to Tamaki
“HypnoBirthing was invaluable for both myself and my husband because we were so much better prepared for labour. If we hadn't learnt HypnoBirthing I would have had a terrible labour experience as I would have found it extremely difficult to cope. I actually still use the breathing techniques after the birth to help me deal with difficult and stressful situations.” ~ Sarb, mother of one
“HynoBirthing helped me have the birth I dreamed of. After a very traumatic first birth that had me swearing off having more children, I wondered what I could do to change the outcome of my second birth. As I neared the end of my pregnancy I heard of HypnoBirthing. I wanted a miracle and I got it.
Helen is fantastic, so helpful, inspiring and really positive. I was so unsure of myself after my first birth as I felt I didn't come through for myself like I thought I would, so I needed lots of encouragement. I loved how relaxed and energised I felt after listening to my CD's. My fear release sessions lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. The whole process was beneficial for my pregnancy, I wished I had found out about HypnoBirthing sooner.
The birth itself was amazing, it was exciting and enjoyable. My surges (contractions) were challenging in a great way and when I did the breathing and had my partners light finger touch massage I felt - wow I just breathed through these and yes it does work! You can feel any discomfort float away with your breath and visualisation.
I definitely recommend HypnoBirthing and Helen to every pregnant woman. I am so happy about my birth and love thinking back on it.
Thanks to Helen and to my supportive midwife Kate.” ~ Miranda, mother of two
“Thanks to HypnoBirthing I have overcome all fear related to pain and failure of my first two babies. This technique empowered my mind and body to ensure I could give birth naturally and comfortably. Birthing my son in this way also gave me a lot of strength to make decisions and manage my life bravely. Thanks HypnoBirthing for this amazing life experience.” ~ Carla, mother of three
“I found the combination of the CD and the slow deep breathing very effective. The midwives commented in their notes about how relaxed I looked during the whole birth. I also found the J breathing fantastic both for getting the baby out!
It was very noticeable when I did stop concentrating on the breathing techniques and slipped back into breathing in a more ‘traditional’ way. Fortunately I was able to maintain the hypno breathing techniques for most of the labour.
Thanks for your help it did certainly make a difference!” ~ Megan, mother of three
“I found the techniques learnt invaluable and felt so relaxed an hour or so after the birth as my body had not really been tense much at all during the day. My husband and I had a lovely day together! And he was wonderful throughout the process. Thank you so much Helen. This experience has really helped me move forward from my last birth and feel so much more positive about myself and my ability to cope with things.” ~ Kelly, mother of two
“I want the world to know, especially to give hope and faith to all mums and dads to be, that there is no need to have fear if you just trust your body and yourself, because we all can can do it. 20 minutes after giving birth I said to my midwife I could do this again!”
~ Tina, mum of one

" We both loved our hypnobirthing course and have really missed it since it's ended. We found the course gave us a toolkit to not only prepare for the birth but to also cope with the general stress of big life changes. The strategies we developed during HypnoBirthing will continue to be applied even after the birth of our child. It really is a toolkit for life! We both found Helen to be a fantastic trainer, facilitator and coach. Her kind and friendly manner is engaging and her extensive knowledge both pragmatic and objective. She's perfect for the role of HypnoBirthing coach." ~ Sarah and Gareth.

"I started this course, with a very ‘sciencey' take on things. I was very fearful of birth and wished that I had never studied obstetrics & gynecology at uni I have studied Neuro previously and was a total non-believer in hypnosis. My friend in the same position as me had done a course and had an amazing birth experience. I took the opportunity to attend the course as ‘I had nothing to lose' and if I got some stress management techniques out of it then it was worth doing. I had dismissed anything more being a possibility.
Over 5 weeks I went from entertaining the idea of home birth, but totally happy for c section and ALL of the drugs, to being confident and happy about the choices we were making to birth at home.
I love the audio tracks, sometimes finding myself listening to multiple a day, and looking forward to practice time. I have gone from A type personality, insomniac who hasn't slept in 15 years to now needing two hands to count the number of times that I have slept through the night. And what's more I am enjoying the 3 rd trimester… where I really disliked the first two.
So Helen, thank you! Where you might have set out to help with birthing day, you have given me 3 months to enjoy my wee man's presence before his arrival, helped me sleep, changed my attitude on the whole idea of what pregnancy and birthing means and given me the stress management techniques that I came for in the first place. You have also allowed me to enjoy the idea of self-hypnosis and in turn have a really amazing experience of knowing that it works."
~ Kate, first pregnancy.


What Midwives are saying about HypnoBirthing®:

“As a midwife this was an amazing experience to see a woman totally removed from pain throughout the end stages of labour. There was no difference in her face during strong contractions – she was so calm that it looked like she’d had an epidural.”
~ Brigid Beehan, RM, RCPN
“What a great method of achieving a perfect birth – being a natural birth free of fear and pain. It was wonderful to see such relaxation and a woman enjoying her labour.”
~ Kate Rankin, RM, RN
“HypnoBirthing brings strength and beauty to birth and labour is usually shorter. The benefits also go beyond the labour and birth. The trust the woman develops in her body and the strength she develops in her mind, give her confidence in feeding and mothering the new baby and also throughout her whole life.” ~ Diane Hirst, RM
“Not only does HypnoBirthing help maximise calm during the birth but it seems to have an effect on the overall nature of the baby post nataly. I have noticed increased success with establishing breastfeeding, and the settling of restless babies and tired mums is an added bonus!” ~ Cherie Davis, Independent Midwife

"I have found that clients who have done HypnoBirthing have much better strategies for coping with labour and birth, however it eventuates! Some of the best births I have been privileged to attend have been those where the couple have been to these classes. Somehow they just seem to "get" what birth is all about."
Sharon Weir, RM

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