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Web site of the HypnoBirthing® Institute. This web site will provide you with further information, stories and testimonials about HypnoBirthing.

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4thway Associates Limited: offers BodyTalk, Clinical Hypnotherapy, facilitation, coaching, mediation, training.

Jeannine Dawson specialises in Body-Talk and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

BodyTalk is a non-invasive healing system that is gentle, safe and effective. The BodyTalk System recognises that health is our natural state and our bodies have perpetual healing mechanisms that maintain life.

A BodyTalk treatment can stimulate your innate healing ability which then powerfully activates your body to heal at a deep and lasting level.

I have found BodyTalk to be surprisingly effective for a number of cases. Jeannine helped me with morning sickness at the beginning of my pregnancy. I also used Jeannine for BodyTalk when my baby kept turning into the posterior position prior to birth – she helped my baby get into the best position for birthing. Since then Jeannine has used Bodytalk on our family for coughs, colds, excema and a broken arm. I highly recommend it.

To read more about how BodyTalk has helped other people see http://www.4thway.co.nz/index.php?pr=What_clients_say

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Thanks to Emmy Jay Photography for all the photos on the left hand columns of this website. As you can see Emma takes some beautiful maternity and baby photos. She is also currently offering a free maternity photo shoot.

Nikki Chad is a registered naturopath who specialises in natural fertility, pregnancy and postnatal health care for women and babies alongside her work as a registered doula

The Virtual Support Network for New Zealand Families, from Pregnancy to Parenting

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