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Helen Bartrom is a qualified, certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner - having taught over one thousand parents she is one of the most experienced instructors in New Zealand! Trained by the HypnoBirthing® Institute in 2007 she is the mother of three and has been fortunate enough to experience HypnoBirthing® twice with her two youngest children.

"My first HypnoBirthing® experience was giving birth to my son Jack in 2005 who was a large 9 pound 11 oz (4.4kg). Then, in August 2009 I enjoyed the wonderful and exhilarating water birth of my daughter Milly. (See Milly's birth story on the Birth Stories page).

HypnoBirthing instructor Helen Bartrom and her children

I'm convinced that the HypnoBirthing® tools I learnt and enjoyed during my pregnancy enabled me to give birth easily and naturally without the use of any drugs."

My midwife, Brigid Beehan says: “As a midwife this was an amazing experience to see a woman totally removed from pain throughout the end stages of labour. There was no difference in her face during strong contractions – she was so calm that it looked like she’d had an epidural.”

Nothing beats having had first hand experience of the program you are teaching, and I'm able to share my own experiences of HypnoBirthing® with you as well as drawing on the experiences of the many parents I've taught."

Helen became a certified HypnoBirthing® practitioner in 2007. Since then she has shared the program with hundreds and hundreds of couples throughout Auckland and NZ. As well as loving her job, she feels privileged to help to create a positive difference to such an important life event.

Helen also holds other certificates in Hypnotherapy and has an interest in Mind-Body medicine and experience with energy healing.

"We were most impressed with Helen's dedication and passion for HypnoBirthing – it was very clear to us that this wasn't just a ‘job' and we found that refreshing and encouraging." - Kylie and Mat

“We were impressed with Helen's caring nature and the depth of knowledge she possessed. The fact she is a mother & has experience in both clinical and natural birth helped us relate and understand birthing as first time parents. Helen offered specific assistance when doubts reared their ugly head.
We would recommend Hypnobirthing to anyone planning to have a family.” - Lisa and Neil


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