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This link contains many inspirational hypnobirths, further information about HypnoBirthing and hypnosis. Well worth a look!

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A beautiful Hypnobirth

Mum Catches own Baby (Water Birth)

HypnoBirthing Aline

Bryson's Birth using HypnoBirthing - see it for yourself on YouTube Feb, 2007)

Short news feature on HypnoBirthing

Dateline program on HypnoBirthing giving an excellent outline of the technique. In 2 parts of approx 10 minutes each: part 1 and part 2

Article on HypnoBirthing as seen on Channel 5 News (Feb, 2008)

3D Medical Animation of a Vaginal Birth

'The Wright Stuff' No Such Thing as a Pain Free Birth? (March 2010)


Birth Bliss, TIME Magazine 2/22/2004
The phone rang at 7:30 a.m. and I stumbled out of bed, bleary-eyed and eight months pregnant, to find a message from Dan Gilman: his wife Laura Beth was in labor. I had never met the Gilmans, but they had generously invited me to witness the birth of their third child. They were using a pain-control technique I was learning myself: hypnobirthing.
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Hypnosis in the Delivery Room, WebMD 9/18/2000
It isn't for every woman, but "hypnobirthing" certainly has its fans, including Carla Breakey, a 38-year-old home business owner from Idaho. And rave reviews from women like Breakey are helping this method of natural childbirth grow in popularity around the globe. Breakey used hypnobirthing for two of her three children. Hypnobirthing teaches women how to hypnotize themselves to manage their labor, helping them to relax and let their bodies take over.
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Have It Your Way: Redesigning Birth, Newsweek 5/10/2007
Water birth, homebirth, HypnoBirthing--when Marion McCartney started as a nurse-midwife 30 years ago, none of those were popular, and birth was just birth. Women didn't get to choose their method of labor. If they were lucky, their doctors let them choose who stayed beside them as they pushed. "It was a medical event, not a personal experience," McCartney says. "Women were chaining their husbands to the delivery table so they'd be allowed to stay in the room. They didn't have any control." Today they've got almost more control than the doctors.
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I swore I'd never be there, but my baby's birth was mesmerising, Daily Mail (UK) 11/29/2007
A few months ago I wrote in this newspaper that I had no intention of being present at the birth of my second child. The whole business of childbirth, I wrote, was messy, alarming, puts men off sex and was not something that I wished to witness again. And what use would a husband be in the delivery suite anyway? Well, that noise you can hear is the sound of a man earnestly munching his way through a giant-sized portion of humble pie, because my wife Sasha has just given birth to a perfect baby girl - and I was there.
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Pregnant Women Are More Hypnotisable 07/2009
Pregnancy gives women the added advantage of being more receptive to hypnosis!
Researchers from Women's & Children's Hospital in Adelaide, Australia investigated whether there was a difference in hypnotisability between pregnant and non-pregnant women. This study gives encouragement to women wondering whether they are receptive enough to hypnosis to benefit from the HypnoBirthing® program.
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HypnoBirthing Was Really "Zen" for Jessica Alba (July 2008)

Relax while giving birth?

CNN Article about the popularity of HypnoBirthing in the USA written August 2011


An article written for the Dads-to-be (especially the reluctant ones :) ) http://www.babble.com/pregnancy/hypnobirth-the-real-truth-about-why-i-love-it/

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